Ohio woman arrested for attempting to remove her boyfriend’s testicles during fight

A Canton, Ohio man required emergency medical treatment last weekend after his girlfriend allegedly attacked him and attempted to remove his genitals, according to an arrest report released by local police.

A report filed by ABC15 stated that the accused, 39-year old Jamie M. Gammel, was charged with felonious assault and misdemeanor domestic violence. She was being held in the Stark County Jail.

According to the arrest report, Gammel was charged because she “did attempt to remove the victim’s testicles from his body during a physical altercation.” Police said the attack caused the victim serious harm that required medical treatment. There was no mention if a weapon was used in the attack to sever her boyfriend’s genitals.

According to police, the authorities have responded to a variety of calls at the address since last June, and at least 10 reports have been filed by Canton police. The most recent was May 17 when officers responded to a “disorderly house” incident after three calls over two days and arrested Gammel on misdemeanor charges.