Mother who killed her child so she could go on holiday sentenced to 33 years jail

A 33 year old Croatian mother who was charged with the murder of her own three-year old son has been sentenced to 33 years in jail for the crime. Making her actions even more despicable, Chiara Pasic’s reason for the murder was so that she would be able to take a holiday to Macedonia.

As reported by News Talk, the crime took place in 2017 in Pasic’s hometown of Pula. At first Pasic reported to the local police that her son was missing, but the authorities were suspicious and launched an investigation. The body of her toddler, Denis, was later found in a nearby river. After intense questioning, Pasic confessed to police that she had killed her son.

A 15-year old girl was also charged in connection with the boy’s death and received a sentence of three years to be served at a youth detention centre. It is unclear what relationship the 15-year old has with Pasic, although some media reports have said she claimed to be her half-sister – this remains unverified.

Following the verdict, Pasic’s lawyer labelled the sentence of 33 years jail as ‘too strict’ and announced that the verdict will be appealed.