Korean Farmer Admits Killing Neighbor’s Dog – And Later Cooking And Serving It To Him

A farmer from the city of Pyeongtaek in South Korea has admitted to a gruesome crime: killing his neighbor’s dog, and then later cooking and serving it to the unsuspecting pet owner.

As reported by The Guardian, the incident sparked outrage online after it was revealed the 62 year old farmer killed his neighbor’s pet due to being ‘angry over its constant barking’. The culprit admitted to firstly throwing stones at the dog – a two year old Welsh corgi (file photo featured above) – before strangling it and later cooking it.

While eating dogs is gradually becoming less popular in South Korea, an estimated figure of 1 million are still served annually for human consumption, typically enjoyed by the older generations. Younger Koreans are less likely to indulge in dog meat, preferring to keep dogs as pets rather than serve them for dinner.

In the case of the farmer killing his neighbor’s dog, it was reported that he pretended to help his distraught neighbor look for the missing pet. The report in The Guardian mentions that the farmer invited his neighbor over to have some drinks and console him over the lost animal – and it was at this meeting that the farmer served the cooked dog to him. However, the pet owner thankfully refused to consume the dog meat.

The farmer’s crime was exposed after another neighbor who witnessed the incident alerted the pet owner about what he had seen. It is not known what charges, if any, the 62 year old perpetrator will face in relation to the chilling incident.