Iowa woman arrested after throwing frozen chicken at supermarket worker

A 45-year old Iowa woman has made local headlines after she was arrested for the allegedly throwing a frozen chicken in a Hy-Vee outlet in Waterloo.

The incident occurred earlier this week, and Decedra Tyshawan Harrington was arrested at her home on Tuesday on a charge of simple assault. As reported by The Courier, she was later released from jail.

According to local Police, Harrington had been shopping at the Hy-Vee store on Logan Avenue, Waterloo in the afternoon of May 4 when it is alleged she started arguing with a supermarket employee. It was reported that Harrington threw a frozen chicken in the direction of the worker.

However, the quick-thinking employee ducked and the chicken sailed over his head, hitting the chest of a customer, according to court records. Unfortunately the store involved has reportedly declined to release surveillance footage of the incident at this point.

It is unclear how much the frozen chicken involved in the incident weighed, although it is estimated to be several pounds. There was also no report on whether the shopper struck by the flying poultry was injured in the incident.