Indian newborn dies at illegal clinic after fake doctors sever his genitals

A pair of men posing as doctors at an illegal clinic in the Indian state of Jharkhand are on the run after being involved in the death of a newborn baby, caused by them severing his genitals in an attempt to fool the parents that their child was a girl rather than a boy.

According to reports filed by IANS and AsiaOne, the pair were working at an illegal clinic in Chatra district and pretending to be doctors. The mother of the child had reportedly been attending the clinic throughout her pregnancy and was in her eighth month when the incident occurred earlier this week.

After performing a fake ultrasound, it is alleged the pair told the woman she was pregnant with a baby girl. They told the parents that the baby needed to be delivered urgently via a caesarean section. The parents accepted this advice and paid a deposit for the procedure, which was carried out on April 24.

When the baby was delivered, the pair of doctors realised it was a boy, rather than the girl they had diagnosed. It is then that they allegedly decided to sever the baby’s genitals, in an attempt to trick the parents into believing their child was a daughter, as had been promised. Tragically, the infant died shortly after the procedure from blood loss.

The pair of doctors then fled the clinic and are now on the run, with charges of murder and fraud to be laid once they are apprehended. The clinic involved has reportedly been shut down by authorities. One of the regions top medical officers told reporters that “…They were illegally running the clinic and conducting tests and other medical procedures. They do not possess any medical degree[s] and were fleecing gullible patients.”