French landlord gets revenge on bad tenants who trashed rental property

Tenants trashing rental properties is an all-too-common issue facing landlords, but one French homeowner who was put in that situation has made headlines after he decided to get revenge on his former tenants.

According to a report by French-language France Info, Thomas Ravaux was devastated after tenants left his property in a small French town in a terrible state without giving any notice – and also 14 months behind on their rent. The home was left with broken furniture, ruined carpets, stains and holes in walls – not to mention a terrible smell which took disinfecting to remove.

Faced with a home full of debris left behind by the tenants, Ravaux decided to take matters into his own hands, hiring a large truck to collect all the discarded items. He then organised the truck to take all the tenant’s old junk to their new property, and filmed it being deposited at the front of their new house.

While such an act would normally carry a fine of hundreds of euros, Ravaux said the local police were understanding of his plight. The tenants were forced to take all their rubbish with them to the local rubbish tip at their own expense.