Florida woman charged with defrauding recently-widowed elderly man out of $20k

A 51-year old Florida woman has been arrested with police alleging that she stole over $20,000 from an elderly, recently-widowed man with ‘memory issues’ four years ago.

According to a report filed by Florida Today, Angela Odette has been charged on multiple counts of depositing an item with intent to defraud for stealing, according to records from the Cocoa Police Department. In addition, she has also been charged with larceny and exploitation of an elderly or disabled person.

Shortly after the alleged victim’s wife passed away, Odette offered to help the man pay his bills, but quickly began making his checks out to herself, according to police. Instead of helping him close a bank account in the name of his recently deceased wife, Odette is accused of depositing the money into her own accounts.

Police also allege that Odette was was able to gain power of attorney, giving her access to his accounts and his medical records, including the fact that he had been experiencing short-term memory issues. In total detectives believe Odette wrote 32 checks to herself for a total of $21,445.

According to police affidavits, Odette stopped taking the victim’s money in 2015 after his credit cards and loans had gone into default. Odette then left the state and had been living in North Carolina before she was arrested.