Florida man spends a week in prison before prosecutors realise they had the wrong guy

A case of mistaken identity is being blamed after one Florida man was held in prison for one week for crimes he never committed.

According to a report by CBS Local, Uber driver Jose Batista was arrested on May 18 after being pulled over by Orange County officers. During the traffic stop, it is alleged that deputies believed that Batista had an open warrant for aggravated battery, and he was booked into the county jail.

It turns out that the warrant was actually for another South Florida man with the name of Marco Batista – who shares a similar birth date and name with Jose. It also doesn’t help that Marco Batista allegedly uses the alias of Jose Batista. In fact, it turns out that this is the second time that Jose has been arrested due to a case of mistaken identity with Marco.

Miami-Dade prosecutors told the media: “We are still seeking to piece together all of the information relating to this matter but it appears to us that the Jose Batista who was being held in jail is not the same individual for whom the judicial arrest order was issued almost 23 years ago.”

While Batista was eventually released from prison last Friday, a week after being arrested, he now faces a challenge finding a new job – revealing that he’d been fired by Uber after the arrest.