“Fake cop” who tricked mothers that their children had died sentenced to three months prison

A 37-year old Australian man who pretended to be a police officer and called mothers claiming that their children had died has been sentenced today to three months behind bars for the crime.

According to a report filed by 9 News, Phillip Anton Zillner found his victims on social media and then called them, pretending to be a police officer. He would then claim that their children had been killed after being hit by a truck.

In one of his calls to a shocked mother, he reportedly said: “I’m Paul Simpson from Emergency Services, your daughter has been hit by a truck and I’m sorry she has passed away.” One of his victims, the mother of a two-year old girl, collapsed at work after receiving the call from Zillner.

Zillner told the court he was sorry for his actions after being sentenced. A psychologist interviewed by the media claimed there was a high risk of him reoffending. Zillner will also serve a community correction order for two years after his release from prison. It was also mentioned that Zillner suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome and autism.